ARCP 1: Foundations

Editor: Ian Parker

What are the necessary prerequisites for critical work in different areas of the discipline? What theoretical and methodological resources do we already have at hand for good critical practice? What are the conceptual and institutional foundations for critical psychology?

Contents of ARCP 1


Critical psychology: Critical links
Ian Parker


Towards a more critical educational psychology
Lise Bird

Conversation analysis: A reflexive methodology for critical psychology
Michael A. Forrester

Lesbian and gay psychology: Is it critical?
Celia Kitzinger

Using the ‘F’ word in organizational psychology: Foundations for critical feminist research
Rebecca Lawthom

One dogma of dialectical materialism
Fred Newman

Critical psychological foundations for the promotion of mental health
Isaac Prilleltensky

Methodologies of critical psychology: Illustrations from the field of racism
Thomas Teo

Elizabeth Wilson


Rex Stainton Rogers, 1942-1999: A celebration of his contribution to critical psychology
Beryl Curt


Homer’s Fredric Jameson
Grahame Hayes

Ibáñez & Íñiguez’s Critical Social Psychology
Kareen Ror Malone

Gordo-López y Linaza’s Psicologías, Discursos y Poder
Isabel Rodríguez Mora

Fox & Prilleltensky’s Critical Psychology
Tholene Sodi

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