ARCP 2: Action Research

Editors: Dan Goodley and Ian Parker

How can we change the world through varieties of action research? What is the role of critical-practical-theoretical interventions which include conscientization, cultural destabilization, education inclusion campaigns, feminist research, mental health intervention, practical deconstruction and radical therapeutic activities? How does psychology need to change to be up to the task?

Contents of ARCP 2


Critical psychology and action research
Dan Goodley and Ian Parker


Gender and cultural resistance: psycho-social transformations of gender identity
Angela María Estrada and María Isabel Botero

‘Good intentions’: reflecting on researching in disability research the lives and experiences of visually disabled people
Sally French and John Swain

On the psychologization of critical psychology
Angel J. Gordo-López

Prefigurative Action Research: an alternative basis for critical psychology?
Carolyn Kagan and Mark Burton

Action research, performance and critical hermeneutics
Kevin Kelly

All hail reflexivity
Angela Mary Lisle

Participation in Participatory Action Research
Maritza Montero

Practice research: critical psychology in and through practices
Morten Nissen

Critical citizenship: Boal, Brazil and theatre in prisons
James Thompson


Dan Albers on Martín-Baró’s Writings for a Liberation Psychology
Dan Aalbers

Line Lerche Mørck on Stringer’s Action Research
Line Lerche Mørck

Conceição da Noguiera on Burman et al.’s Psychology Discourse Practice
Conceição da Noguiera

Jane Tobbell on Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Pedagogy of Hope
Jane Tobbell


John Rowan

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